Our Method

WriteClub is not a miracle cure; it is a method. We give you techniques, strategies, and inquiries that enable you to make your writing a regular, comfortable part of your everyday life. Through our retreats, group coaching programmes, and one-on-one support, we help you develop the strategies and awareness you need to get your writing done: consistently, calmly, and with your sanity intact. 

The following articles (more to come!) break down our approach :

When It’s Time To Write, WRITE! Using your writing time to actually write.

Separate Preparing from Writing Doing just enough, and not too much, to prepare for your writing time.

Drafting Versus Crafting Changing the relationship with your inner critic and getting words on paper.

20-Minute Chunks Writing regularly in short, timed bursts.

Commitment, Mood & Energy Making a commitment, becoming aware of your energy, and writing regardless of mood.

The Three Kinds of Editing Breaking down your editing into achievable, efficient tasks.