About Us

WriteClub Coaching is a collaboration between Will Medd and Laura Premack, both former lecturers with international reputations who became coaches after successful academic careers.

We bring an intimate understanding of the experience of scholarly writing and life to our work. We have been in the trenches in both the UK and US, have faced the pressures and experienced the joys that academic life offers, and are driven by the goal of making the path more productive, balanced and satisfying for those who carry on. Our shared commitment is to coaching with professionalism, emotional sensitivity, and humour.

You will see from our photos that we are both white, and we want you to know that we maintain constant vigilance of our blind spots as white people. Motivated both by personal experience and by the work of Black Lives Matter, we are committed to continually developing our awareness of how we may inadvertently perpetuate injustice and discrimination in all forms. We seek to offer our coaching as learners and alllies, creating relationships, communities and questions that challenge and change the status quo.