WriteClub 12-Week Programme

Autumn PhD WriteClub 12-Week Programme for PhDs, w/c 20th Sep – w/c 6th Dec

Autumn Academic WriteClub 12-Week Programme for Academics, w/c 13th Sep – w/c 29th Nov

The WriteClub 12-Week Programme provides three months of support and accountability to help you develop and sustain a productive writing practice. Everything we offer is live, led by coaches Laura and Will, and customized for each individual cohort. We offer two separate, simultaneous programmes, one for PhD students and one for academics (from postdoc through professor).

Each WriteClub programme launches with a one-day intensive where we introduce techniques and strategies for you to immediately incorporate into your writing projects. Then, over the course of the next three months, we support you as you implement our method. Our support includes fortnightly group coaching calls; regular written feedback; guidance on tracking progress; one-to-one coaching sessions; and optional peer-working groups.

Our model is unique in that it combines specific writing strategies with a focus on balance and awareness. As the people we work with often tell us, this is much more than a writing programme! Participants report feeling more optimistic, capable, focused, and happy.

In the words of one recent participant: It’s far more comprehensive than you might expect a writing course to be, and pays due attention to the role that lifestyle, emotions and negative thoughts play in the writing process. The structure is flexible, so what you get out of it is largely dependent on what you put in. Clear goals and a willingness to experiment will help you get the most out of it. 

We have worked with PhD students and academics from over two dozen institutions, and we are happy to create bespoke WriteClubs for your department, faculty, or organisation. Please contact us to discuss.