WriteClub Coaching helps academics, writers, and PhD students write consistently, productively and in balance with the rest of life. Working at the intersection of writing, inquiry, and wellbeing, we help you develop and sustain an effective writing practice.

We are two coaches who left successful academic careers, who know the ins and outs of scholarly writing, and who are dedicated to helping you make progress and find peace. We offer ongoing support through three-month and intensive WriteClub programmes. We also offer one-to-one and group coaching to individuals and departments.

What makes us unique is that we see you as a whole person. We know you are not only your work; we support you in your commitment to all of your responsibilities and passions; and we work with you to get your writing done efficiently, without drama, and even with (dare we say it?) pleasure.

Upcoming events:

Autumn WriteClub 12-Week Programme for Academics, w/c 13th Sep – w/c 29th Nov

Autumn WriteClub 12-Week Programme for PhDs, w/c 20th Sep – w/c 6th Dec

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About Us

WriteClub Coaching is a collaboration between Will Medd and Laura Premack, both former lecturers with international reputations who became coaches after successful academic careers.

We bring an intimate understanding of the experience of scholarly writing and life to our work. We have been in the trenches in both the UK and US, have faced the pressures and experienced the joys that academic life offers, and are driven by the goal of making the path more productive, balanced and satisfying for those who carry on. Our shared commitment is to coaching with professionalism, emotional sensitivity, and humour.

You will see from our photos that we are both white, and we want you to know that we maintain constant vigilance of our blind spots as white people. Motivated both by personal experience and by the work of Black Lives Matter, we are committed to continually developing our awareness of how we may inadvertently perpetuate injustice and discrimination in all forms. We seek to offer our coaching as learners and alllies, creating relationships, communities and questions that challenge and change the status quo.

Our Method

WriteClub is not a miracle cure; it is a method. We give you techniques, strategies, and inquiries that enable you to make your writing a regular, comfortable part of your everyday life. Through our retreats, group coaching programmes, and one-on-one support, we help you develop the strategies and awareness you need to get your writing done: consistently, calmly, and with your sanity intact. 

The following articles (more to come!) break down our approach :

When It’s Time To Write, WRITE! Using your writing time to actually write.

Separate Preparing from Writing Doing just enough, and not too much, to prepare for your writing time.

Drafting Versus Crafting Changing the relationship with your inner critic and getting words on paper.

20-Minute Chunks Writing regularly in short, timed bursts.

Commitment, Mood & Energy Making a commitment, becoming aware of your energy, and writing regardless of mood.

The Three Kinds of Editing Breaking down your editing into achievable, efficient tasks.


Resources to help you get your writing done. We share books, articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters, and ideas that have helped us develop our approach to encouraging productive writing that is in balance with the rest of life. Many more to come; watch this space.

2021 Gift Guide: All things to support your pursuit of getting writing done with balance and satisfaction

Thank Goodness For Email: Three ways to keep your attention on your intention.

The Perfect Day: A series of questions to help you begin your work day with intention and a sense of possibility

A-, B- and C-Time Deciding when to do what.

Starting From The Inner Quality What if you allow the quality of experience you’re looking for be the starting point?

Morning Pages A daily practice for clearing your mind.

The Inner Game of Tennis Getting your egoic self out of the way so you can get on with things and write.

A Container On setting a schedule and the balance between hard and soft practice.

Is It True? Byron Katie’s four transformative questions and the power of dropping beliefs that don’t serve.

Dynamic Balance Balance as a fluid series of adjustments rather than a fixed, rigid point to attain.

The Unschedule Developing a realistic awareness of time, a drive to get things done, and a commitment to stepping away from work.

The One Who Is Not Busy A Zen take on working with relaxed focus and awareness.

How a World Cup Rugby Player Found Peace of Mind Maybe you are the one standing in your way.

Good Enough Is Perfect Giving yourself permission to be imperfect.